Kaiser Permanente nurses union votes to authorize strike

12 Okt 2021
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More than 24,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers have voted to strike over working conditions, pay and lack of staffing.

  • Billions in profit in 2019,2020,2021. CEO makes close to $100 Million a year. Yeah lets cut the front line workers make sense, after all CEOs are not the front lines. Yeah shame on front line workes for not asking for anything but what there contract states every time. Kaiser stives for affordable high quality health care and there are tons of education classes employes must take every year there should be no taking away of anything every contract for this. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Teachers, and now Health Care workers are being attacked and let go. People are begging for Martial Law. When you call 911 soon they waill say, "911 National Gaurd how can We help you"? WE all need to stand together during these Covid-19 times. Support everyone before there isnt.

  • Kaiser has some of the worse patient care. The whole thing is a scam.

  • Its NOT JUSt NURSES WHO ARE STRIKING … So Yes You may not receive the care you need. Bedside care will be provided by managers and travelors "temps" with minimal orientation and training? Maybe even the Doctors will do bedside care and help start IVs !? Good luck to us all … Now is the time to switch health provider , its open enrollment!!! Remember it's not just a nurses strike here. KP is not going to be able to replace the nurses, pharmacists, NP&PA, Nurse midwives, Educators, Case workers, Physical and occupational therapist in 10 days! :( .

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  • I read this has to do with pay? They raised the wage during the pandemic and want to lower it now? I also read that during the pandemic they allowed medical students to go to work before taking the state exam but now they have to take the exam and a serious percentage don't make it because it's a difficult test for a difficult job so where does that leave those ppl who already started working?

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  • I work in healthcare and I can tell you that all administration cares about in any healthcare facility is the profits. They don't care about the employees it's the almighty dollar. FACT.

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  • Put the unvaxxed in the parking lot.

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  • It's not just the RNs, it's also the front line workers!

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  • Power to the people!! Not corporations CEO!! People create real wealth, not corporations. It’s time to show them who is the real boss!! What they forgot is that the federal reserve was the one who created this mess and the pathetic state we are in with hyperinflation. The federal reserve has created and unleashed a monster call inflation and it was completely their own created catastrophe bestowed upon us. The real evil boss of this crisis, look no further than the federal reserve. The great resignation will be a monumental historic event of the American history and J. Powell has his name marked on the history books with his “maximum employment” mandate turned out to be the “minimal employment”

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  • Nurses are the backbone of been worked to the breaking point and have not recieved hazard or covid pay and now Nurses in hospitals have been overwhelmed with patients, haven't been getting there breaks. Nurses have been burnt out. Patients are tge ones who suffer cause they give the care. Doctors do what they do but the patient care falls on the nurses and to choose money over giving the nurses what they deserve so they can stay is selfish and it's not good for patient care. There is already a nursing shortage and this will make it worse. Nurses can love what they do but nurses are human beings with families to care for and they deserve to be treated like they matter instead just a body cause that body is taking care of the patients

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  • Greedy nurses

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    • @Stella Guerrero strenuous work that doesnt involve sick people with Covid hahaha🤣😂 u mean stocking shelves? Tending a farm, livestock? Yep strenuous job indeed

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    • @Lana P. plenty of jobs that do "strenuous work, risk their lives and risk disability"...greedy nurses

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    • @Stella Guerrero for the very strenuous work that they do and the higher risk for death or disability, NO THEY'RE NOT PAID HIGH ENOUGH.

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    • @Lana P. oh, they gey paid ENOUGH.

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    • They dont get paid enough. Its not even worth it with all the Covid patients out there

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  • Workers across all careers are putting up the middle finger to the government. Keep up the struggle.

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    • Wrong, it’s big corporations

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    • Actually, they're hiring A LOT of nurses.

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    • @ayalov these days their are about the same thing. Fascism is when industry as government unite to enslave the people.

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    • To the government or to companies?

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  • Let’s go Brandon!!!!

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  • 👋😃👍 YES‼ Now that's what I'm talking about. 🇺🇸STAND UNITED‼

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  • If they strike fire them.

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    • U idiot. U cant fire staff just cuz they r on strike.

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    • @Lana P. Yeah, they said the same thing when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers.

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    • Goodluck with experienced nurses quitting and replaced with newbies who will jeopardize patients' lives

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  • This is what happens when gov gets in the way!

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    • LOL!!!!

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  • LMAO. You really think this has _absolutely nothing_ to do with Joe Biden's asinine vaccine mandates???? Seriously??

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  • Hazard pay will save the day

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  • Kaiser Permanente is involved with the FBI Frauding Trillions of Dollars from the US TREASURY

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  • Intellectweb

  • Great job dude I received my transfer without any problem I really appreciate your work I will hit you up soon for more business

    • Wrong video bro

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  • Please every time I have ever been in a Kaiser hospital the nurses spend more time talking about their vacations, what schedules they bidding for, or talking smack about another co worker, meanwhile 10-15 minutes later you’re still waiting for them to assist the patient.

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    • Lol , I saw that just about everyday to the point I was done. People work harder at not working than simply working. When staff is making a judge Judy show over appointment arrivals and who should’ve been checked in first and so on 2 hours later someone might notice a person still sitting in waiting area. It got to be a complete joke.

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  • This fake RN is a JOKE!!

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    • Your fake

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  • This is what you get for firing good people for no GD reason. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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  • I stand with the Nurses

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  • They are striking against how they are being made to mistreat patients under a false agenda.

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  • If they are willing to let people go that didn't want to be vaccinated, then all of you are replaceable. How can there be shortages if they are willing to let so many people go who worked through the pandemic? In NY they threatened to bring in the National Gaurd to replace nurses, maybe California will do the same.

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    • @skittles_garden except the vaccine doesn’t stop or prevent the spread. A Newsweek article showed 14,000 vaxxed people have died. In Israel over 80% are vaxxed and it’s worse than ever. The cdc said 78% of hospitalized were overweight/obese but mine have promoted exercise, healthy eating. A hospital in California over 200 vaxxed dr’s got it.

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    • @skittles_garden perhaps they may even know more than you.

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    • We’ll see what happens when there aren’t enough, thats when the true chaos will start, there wouldn’t be enough national fucking guards in the world to help with a shortage like that! Period!

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    • @Shaun Stark yup these “heroes” are now equipped with the tools to prevent further spread of Covid. So they should definitely be replaced if they aren’t willing to get vaxxed. They are required to get vaccinated to be nurses and doctors so it shouldn’t be hard to continue to get vaccinated.

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    • @Innocent Nemesis you mean by the thousands? Perhaps if thousands of nurses are sacrificing their lifetime careers, it's over something important. Besides, these were the very same nurses hailed as "heroes" for working through the threat of the pandemic.

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  • I stand with the Nurses 💯

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  • People who strike and leave their patients without care are no heroes... In fact, it now looks like they are opportunistic snakes riding on the COVID wave to get more...

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  • A one percent wage increase for these nurses who have battled through Covid and risk their lives as they do so?. Give the nurses the salaries that athletes and the glamorous actors make and give the athletes and actors what nurses make and then it will be equal.

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  • You sure it's not because of the unconstitutional mandates going around?

    Shaun StarkShaun StarkVor 8 Tage
    • @Adrienne B considering it is taking place in the medical industry, the travel industry, the military, etc... I think you might be right...

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    • U know that’s gonna be at least some part of it.

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  • The nurses are actually chanting "let's go Brandon"

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  • 👏👏👏

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  • *Stand Up for our GOD given FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS , for God's sake! Last time this type of segregation and control was implemented by a psycho tyrant and its party around the 30s in a land called Germany we all know how the fuckin hell it ended, GENOCIDES, HOLOCAUST, WAR and all for the "greatest" good!* You take care of you, I take care of me! STAND FOR FREEDOM OUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOM!! 🙏🙌✡🇺🇲🇧🇷✝️🙌🙏

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  • If these nurses who won’t vaccinate want to work then they need to be segregated to floors of people who won’t vaccinate, thus only exposing them to the virus and no one else.

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    • @Rick Chapman , I didn't say that all of them were fatal, I said several of them. Bulbar polio for example, even if treated, has a case fatality rate of 25-75% depending on age of course. Influenza still kills untold numbers worldwide. Even with treatment, many contagious diseases often prove fatal, not just Covid. What I'm getting at is that Covid isn't unique, nor particularly deadly, so why treat it differently in a hospital setting versus another contagious disease? I do, however, applaud you for thinking outside of the box with your original suggestion. That's actually not one that I have heard anyone suggest yet. I suppose it wouldn't be much different than the old sanatoriums.

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    • @Nunya Bidnez HPV…you can live with for a long time before dying if cancer. But Chicken Pox is far from a killer. As for COVID even with highly exhaustive and time/resource intensive Treatment COVID is often still fatal.

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    • @Rick Chapman , several of those can be absolutely, outright, fatal if not treated in time. Debilitating diseases often cause more complications which could lead to death as well. They often aren't a death sentence since there are treatments for them but there are also treatments for Covid, which contracting isn't a guaranteed death sentence either. I'm not having a go at you but I think you need to do a bit more research on them before suggesting such drastic measures.

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    • @Nunya Bidnez These are not fatal. The fatal diseases should be mandatory. Those diseases which are debilitating or disfiguring shouldn’t be, but could be a choice.

      Rick ChapmanRick ChapmanVor 6 Tage
    • @Rick Chapman , shingles is a contagious disease to someone who hasn't had chicken pox, HPV is contagious, Chicken Pox is contagious, Whooping Cough is contagious, Hepatitis B is contagous, Diphtheria is contagious, Polio is contagious, Rotavirus is contagious, Meningococcal is contagious, Measles is contagious, Mumps is contagious, Rubella is contagious, Influenza is contagious etc etc. Nearly every single vaccine in the U.S. schedule, minus the one for Tetanus, is for a contagious disease ( some far worse than Covid ) and contrary to popular belief there are untold numbers of people who haven't received the recommended ones, including me ( haven't had any vaccine since a little before kindergarten ). This could include many nurses and healthcare workers along with patients, yet you're hyper focused on segregating a disease, or people not vaccinated against it, that has a 97%+ survival rate without the vaccine. So are you saying just lump everyone who isn't fully vaccinated against all contagious diseases into the same ward because of Covid vaccine rejection in hospital staff and patients? If so then your statement is ridiculous since we've never done that before and those contagious diseases have been on the decline year after year.

      Nunya BidnezNunya BidnezVor 6 Tage
  • Take a look around you union biatch...how many middle-class wage earners get a 3% raise each year. Quit your biatching and move out of Commiefornia you dumba$$es.

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  • Together we bargain. Alone we begged

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  • Your "healthcare" system is the global joke.

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  • Go strikers! From heroes to zeros.

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  • #youtube.ong splendid

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  • Next news report: "Hospitals overrun with unvaccinated Covid patients!"

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    • @marlene McMillan really grandma facebook research?

      wongtimefunguywongtimefunguyVor 6 Tage
    • It has nothing to do with covid. It has to do with Kaiser being greedy and don't want to invest in their members or staff.

      Cynthia4givenCynthia4givenVor 7 Tage
    • You can still get the flu with the vaccine too

      marlene McMillanmarlene McMillanVor 7 Tage
    • I know people who have been double vaxxed and got covid

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  • As if Healthcare is not expensive enough, let's make it so expensive that only millionaires can afford it

    Karen FyhrKaren FyhrVor 8 Tage
    • Consider the many levels of administration getting hundreds of thousands of dollars without holding a healthcare license, consider the cost of traveling nurses, look at how much money is spent on expansions, redecorating add that all up and there is plenty to give decent raises, attract and retain staff. Listening is free. administrators are such annoying twats you have no idea.

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  • Sending love and support. Thank you for what you all do.

    Bill bickBill bickVor 8 Tage
  • I stand with the Unvaccinated. Being a minority in America is very difficult!

    Mr. CounterpointMr. CounterpointVor 8 Tage
    • @Mr. Counterpoint I am RN so understand when someone develops covid and pneumonia with lung damage so bad it causes death. He would still be alive if he hadn't had covid. He was in his mid 30's.

      Cheryl CarlsonCheryl CarlsonVor 8 Tage
    • @Cheryl Carlson it’s highly likely your neighbor died from a health issue that was exaggerated by the COVID-19.

      Mr. CounterpointMr. CounterpointVor 8 Tage
    • I wish you would donate to my neighbors go fund me, he is now just a statistic except to his wife and 3 boys. He said the exact same things.

      Cheryl CarlsonCheryl CarlsonVor 8 Tage
    • @L Whitaker the same can be said with you and your experimental jab risks. Hypocrite.

      Shaun StarkShaun StarkVor 8 Tage
    • *Stand Up for our GOD given FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS , for God's sake! Last time this type of segregation and control was implemented by a psycho tyrant and its party around the 30s in a land called Germany we all know how the fuckin hell it ended, GENOCIDES, HOLOCAUST, WAR and all for the "greatest" good!* You take care of you, I take care of me! STAND FOR FREEDOM OUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOM!! 🙏🙌✡🇺🇲🇧🇷✝️🙌🙏

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  • The jabs arent worth the chaos and disruption of life...exceptionally good docs and nurses are the casualties because selfish people put money over life.

    TomaxTomaxVor 8 Tage
    • @imd1b4u Exactly. Nurses are often times overworked and underpaid.

      Ricardo BarahonaRicardo BarahonaVor 7 Tage
    • This has nothing to do with Covid, vaccines or right wing nut jobs.

      imd1b4uimd1b4uVor 7 Tage
  • Good for them!!

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  • Gimme sum of dat Doctor money!

    NY Sock ExchangeNY Sock ExchangeVor 8 Tage
    • Go and study for 10 more years and you'll deserve it as well

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  • Yo what happened yo abc news from a year ago This is not videos lol

    Fredo2xFredo2xVor 8 Tage
  • And yet UCLA Hospital is terminating nurses who are unvaccinated.

    Minnie TroutMinnie TroutVor 8 Tage
    • @Will Martin Hmmm. Jesus Christ?... is that the young dark skinned Arab resp. Jewish prophet, from whom an ancient fable book fantasized he'd be son of an old guy wearing a long white beard and sitting on a cloud, surrounded by white birds with human faces?... I thought the young man was a carpenter... I didn't know he used to work as a cleaner too...

      Carlos ZorroCarlos ZorroVor 6 Tage
    • @Will Martin I agree with you. Businesses should have the right to select their employees. I don't hope we'll ever have to make a vaccine compulsory by law. If that's what you mean by "the government telling people what to do", I guess we agree. However, mask mandates or any other rule to prevent the spread of a disease, can make sense, depending on the circumstances... for the benefit of the community... but of course under consideration of all the side effects (f.e. collateral damage on the economy). It's pretty difficult to get the right balance, though.

      Carlos ZorroCarlos ZorroVor 6 Tage
    • @Carlos Zorro Jesus Christ word cleans the inside out not moderna or Pfizer btw.

      Will MartinWill MartinVor 6 Tage
    • @Carlos Zorro I am doing another job lol. I did this months ago before my employer began mandating. I am not protesting because I believe businesses can do what they want... But the government telling people what to do is what I have a problem with. I already knew they were going to use mandates which is why I booked it early on glad I did.

      Will MartinWill MartinVor 6 Tage
    • @Will Martin I wonder who are the lost prayers... No worries, experience will show... as soon as one of any antivaxer loved ones passes away, the great awakening will take place. For the rest of them natural selection will do the trick.

      Carlos ZorroCarlos ZorroVor 7 Tage
  • Medical tyrants

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  • Already overpaid yet still wants more.

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    • And what exactly do YOU DO AND GET PAID?

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    • Entitlement

      Flowerchild MoonbeamFlowerchild MoonbeamVor 8 Tage
    • Ok? delabel.info/losk/qXytZYWJe8SfhZk/video

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